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Desiree and the 2019 Women’s Build

Dedicated volunteers braved the summer heat and built alongside Desiree, helping her achieve her dream of owning a safe, affordable Wichita Habitat for Humanity home.

“To have people come out in the middle of summer time to help me opened my eyes to how people are always willing to help,” Desiree says. Her house was Wichita Habitat’s 2019 Women Build home, a one-of-a-kind opportunity for women to learn and experience construction skills first-hand. 

Desiree worked hard to become a Habitat homeowner because she wanted to raise her young son in a home she owns. She knows that having an affordable, permanent home will provide them with stability and independence. The affordable mortgage and low utility bills will help her save for the future.  

 “The program is awesome for my son and I” Desiree says. “It will help me secure a better future for my son.” 

“I appreciate all the volunteers that helped me and my son accomplish this big step for our future,” Desiree says. “This is something I never would have imagined … I feel set for life!”

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