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The Fundamental Learning Center and the Downing Literacy Project

In partnership with Fundamental Learning Center (FLC), the Downing Literacy Project investigated the effect research-validated, quality literacy instructional educator training and practice had on children with low-literacy abilities.  A total of 331 children received specialized early language and literacy intervention/remediation. The Downing Literacy Project tracked the children’s progress with a nationally recognized monitoring system (AIMSweb). By the end of the study, children in the pilot program made larger gains in most early literacy categories than the typical child represented in the national mean. These children were considered most likely to fail to learn to read and, instead, they covered more ground in literacy success than the averagechild nationally.

Such amazing gains were made through the Downing Literacy Project that it was decided to make these learning opportunities available to more children, resulting in The FLC Neighborhood Literacy Initiative. This program serves literacy needs for children, ages pre-k to 18 years (no matter the school), with specialized, data-proven literacy classes. At present, there are 82 students enrolled.

Helping children with significant reading, spelling and writing difficulties (including children with dyslexia),  to be able to read and enjoy language is the mission of Fundamental Learning Center, Inc (FLC).  FLC specifically addresses the importance of teaching children to read utilizing research validated literacy instruction, as well as educating the educational community with the same intention and resolve.

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