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The KSDS Expansion Project


With the new additional accessible housing for six students and the existing duplex built in 2007, KSDS can now provide housing for eight students and graduates. Students will be able to enjoy the accessibility during their training period at KSDS to receive an assistance dog. KSDS will be able to provide accessible housing for a unique “home like” environment during class time.

KSDS is fully accredited with Assistance Dogs International, the lead organization for assistance dog training and is the only facility within the State of Kansas with such accreditation. KSDS, formerly known as Kansas Specialty Dog Service, has three programs – guide, service and social. IKSDS has placements in 32 states.

The housing project will promote the future growth of KSDS allowing more assistance dog teams to be placed. Jesi, who received a social dog, was one of the first students to use the new housing duplexes. KSDS is grateful to The Downing Foundation for the grant that assisted us with providing accessible housing to our students.

Canine Housing Unit 

Upgrades have recently been made to the Canine Housing Unit’s play yard, kennels and interior.


KSDS has placed 593 dogs in 34 states since they were incorporated in 1990. The dogs have been placed as either guide dogs, service dogs or facility dogs. Guide dogs help individuals who are blind or visually impaired to navigate through everyday activities. They can find curbs, avoid overhangs, guide their partner around obstacles, and know when to stop for cars. Service dogs assist people who have physical disabilities. They can retrieve dropped items, open doors, pull manual wheelchairs, brace their partner, and more. Facility dogs work alongside professionals in education, counseling and other specialty areas. These dogs can calm hyperactive students, bridge the gap between professionals and their clients and recognize students in distress.

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